Product information - Sealblades

Sealblades® are the world's first retractable hand paddles. They are the first hand paddles that give you up to double the paddle power of hand paddling, enhancing your performace and then instantly retract to leave your hands free to get on with whatever is next. Here's a little video close up from Sealblades resident inventor Alex.

The idea for Sealblades came to Alex about ten years ago. He was out surfing and the conditions weren't great. He had the thought 'there must be a better way of doing this'. He figured that if he had more power he could get out on the water in a wider range of conditions and still have a good day. And so a seed was planted.

Following ten prototypes, two near drownings and countless ups and downs Sealblades went into production in December 2016 and were launched in January 2017. Sealblades Rush in smaller sizes for smaller paddlers launched in July 2017.