Getting Started Video

OK, putting Sealblades on is not the most intuitive thing on this beautiful planet we call home. You're almost certainly going to want to put them on upside down. So here are a few instruction to keep you the right side up. You've got this!


Right, so now you have them on and know how they retract, well that's it. Go find yourself a board of some sort and some water, get out there and see what you can do.

A word of warning though..

Water is serious stuff. Please make sure that you take care. Wearing Sealblades can make you feel like a bit of a super hero but remember that the sea is more powerful than you are so respect it. Know your limits, know your environment and tides, stay safe, don't go out alone and only go places you'd safely go without your Sealblades. If you begin to get tired with the extra paddle power, take a break to avoid muscles ache through over-use.

Refer to local information before you use a beach or piece of water for the first time. 

Have fun and be safe out there.