Want to be part of #teamsealblades? Join our referral program, spread the word and get earning

We have been loving the feedback from people out and about enjoying using their Sealblades. Having a team of advocates out in the world telling everyone how much fun they are having with our kit is such an important part of our launch. So we have decided to reward you for telling your friends all about Sealblades with the launch of a referral program.
Here is how it will work.
You, as a referrer will get a personalised discount code that is unique to you to share with your friends and contacts. This code will give your friends a 15% discount on all Sealblades goods purchased from www.sealblades.com.
Each time your code is used it will be logged at the back end of our website. After 30-60 days (to allow for our returns policy and other admin stuff) we will issue a payment to you via PayPal of 15% of the value of the products sold
If one of your friends uses your code for a pair of Sealblades Rush (smaller size) they get a discount from £34.95 down to £29.71 and you get £4.46 for your trouble. If they buy a pair of Sealblades in the larger size they get a discount from £49.95 to £42.46 and you get £6.37. They same discount percentages apply to the t-shirts, hoodies and other goodies in the shop. If 10 of your friends buy something, well, you do the maths!
If you already have your own pair of Sealblades they get busy taking pictures of yourself using them, tell people how you have found them and start sharing that directly or on social media using #teamsealblades with your unique discount code.
If you haven't got your own pair yet then get your order in at the shop.
Click on the image below to join the program and get referring!
 Some practical details for you.... Your code will last for 120 days so get busy! The only way that we can get your rewards to you is if you register for the referral program with a valid PayPal email address. If you don't do that we can't get your rewards to you so make sure you get that right, ok! We are running this on a trial basis and the offer may change from time to time.
Let us know what you think. And thanks for helping us spread the word.