Kickstarter: Time to choose...

It is time to choose which colour our lovely Kickstarter and Indiegogo backers would like for their Sealblades (large sizes) and Sealblades Rush (smaller sizes).  We hope that you'll love the colours that we are opting for. We've tested these with a few hundred kind souls and got a good spread of preferences. Let's see if the orders mirror that.

Colours choice for Sealblades Rush (Smaller size)

On your survey you'll see the four options

- Green & Yellow

- Red & Yellow

- Green & Graphite

- Red & Graphite

Colour choices for Sealblades (Larger size)

If you have also ordered Sealblades in the large size your survey will ask you to confirm your preference for those too.

  You'll see four options

- Black & Graphite

- Red & Graphite

- Red & Yellow

- Black & Yellow

So, go ahead and let us know which ones you prefer via the kickstarter via the survey and we'll get that all sorted out for you.

We are so excited to get these all assembled and out into the world in time for the summer season.