The world's first retractable hand paddles are here. 

Come on in and have a look.


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Getting them on...

Fitting your Sealblades Video

Hoody fun

Behind the scenes


A splash of colour

Retracting paddles

Hands free to do whatever you want... shaka anyone?


Power up your paddling and get out there


Extra power, more waves

Boogie boarding

What will you do with yours?

A little bit about us


Lingering guilt

We still feel a little guilty over this picture. This is beautiful Scotland on a November day in 2015. It was 2 degrees and these kind people agreed to walk on that beach in bare feet. All just to show you our lovely clothing range! #commitment

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10 years in the making

It seems a little surreal to us to finally have actual products in our hands. From the initial idea back in the naughties to actual product now it has been an amazing time.  We are delighted to bring Sealblades to you and hope that you have as much fun playing with them as we've had making them.

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Imortalised in Lego

Surely a highlight. Founders Alex (the inventor) and Sorcha as lego figures. We were sent this during our Kickstarter campaign and it still makes us smile. #everyoneisawesome


The mountains are calling

Keeping you cosy at the top of the world.